Update - Looking for Summer Internship - 2023.

I am a third-year graduate student pursuing PhD in Computer Science at the MuLIP Lab, Tufts University, MA, advised by Prof. Jivko Sinapov. Prior to joining Tufts, I obtained my Masters in Robotics Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. My research interests lie broadly in the fields of Robotics, Computer Vision and Reinforcement Learning for solving real world problems.

Current techniques to achieve autonomy rely heavily on availability of large sample size, which is unrealistic in most settings. To tackle these problems, I intend to find sample-efficient algorithms for complex long-horizon RL tasks. For this, I invent new curriculum learning approaches that work in conjunction with Sim2Real approaches, Linear Temporal Logic and transfer learning paradigms, enabling quicker and robust learning.

Apart from Curriculum Learning, I am also interested in open-world novelty accommodation, and developmental learning for Robotics.

Please visit my Publications page for up-to-date information on my ongoing research.

Interested in collaboration? Email me at yash DOT shukla AT tufts DOT edu