I am a Second Year Graduate Student pursuing PhD in Computer Science at the MuLIP Lab, Tufts University, MA, advised by Prof. Jivko Sinapov. Prior to joining Tufts, I obtained my Masters in Robotics Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. My research interests lie broadly in the fields of Robotics, Computer Vision and Reinforcement Learning for solving real world problems.

My primary focus of interest lies in applications of Reinforcement Learning and Deep Neural Networks to solve problems in the real world. Current techniques to achieve autonomy rely heavily on availability of large sample size, which is unrealistic in most settings. My research at Tufts aims at leveraging efficient transfer learning, to bridge the gap between simulations and reality, enabling quicker and robust learning.

I’m on the job market for a summer research internship in robotics with applications in reinforcement learning, artificial intelligence and robot vision.

Interested in collaboration? Email me at yash DOT shukla AT tufts DOT edu